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African Food Security the new Economic wave (AFRIFOOD SEC)

In the course of mans economic and social evolution post WW2 there have been distinct challenges that shaped the outcomes of many human endeavours.

1960`s – The cold war

1970`s – The oil crisis

1980`s – Inflation and terrorism

1990`s – Aids, the Internet, cellular phones and the resource boom

2000`s –  Global warming, Social media and China

2010`s – Food security

During all this time, development and wealth, the people who had little became more and received less and those that had more received more. Increased hunger and poverty became evident.

Our current situation – 2010’s Food security

Any number of UN reports shows a steady decline in food security although food production in many areas have increased. Increased production costs, declining demand in mature economies and political strife have however reduced the export of food and production in marginal countries increasing the shortage.

Out of all the continents in the world Africa is the best suited to play a leading role in the fight to increase the food security of the world. The arable land is as big as the USA, India, China most of Europe and Eastern Europe combined.

Africa offers  promising elements for the recovery of food security:

Good Water,

Plenty of Sunshine,

Affordable Labour,

A central location to most markets in the under developed areas,

A market of 1.1 billion people (by the end of the century 40% of the world population will live in Africa and 50% of them will be children).

The concept

Project by Project or Global Company covering all projects.

The rationale

Invest money in the new wave of wealth creation and social responsibility creating a sustainable business while uplifting poverty.

The plan

Invest in and develop agricultural projects in Africa where there is access to markets, logistical infrastructure for exports, low cost barriers of entry and agronomic potential.


The Bullion Group (Pty) Ltd and its partners.


Sub Saharan Africa.

Funding Model

Investment fund initiated by Bullion Agriculture (Pty) Ltd and its partners potential projects.


In Mozambique

1000 hectares

 Investment R10 mil

250 employees

(ROI) 24%


2400 head of cattle

Investment R8 million

45 employees

(ROI) 23% 


3000 goats

Investment R3 million

20 employees

(ROI) 18% 

Aqua Culture

12 tons of fish per month

Investment R2 million

12 employees

(ROI) 20% 


400 cows

R12 million investment

40 employees

(ROI) 18% 


Investment R3 million 

(ROI) 28%


400 hectares

one million cartons exported per year

Investment R20 million

 800 employees

(ROI) 30%


450 hectare

R24 million investment  

400 employees

(ROI) 30%

The food security business is bigger than the resource business in terms of revenue, employees and longevity.

For more information on investment opportunities please contact us at our offices to schedule an appointment and afford us an opportunity for presentation.

J C Strauss – Director
The Bullion Group (Pty) Ltd